Easter smoking is the best. If there's a
bit of nicer weather all the better.
Yesterday you promised dad to quit, but
somebody decided that he needed
proof he was alive. A reason not to

die regretting everything preceding
is so that another day is seen by
you. The lives of people matter greatly,
not our own. And friday afternoon was
worse than you'd anticipated, sitting

in the hospital and wondering if
sadness would erupt into your heart or
not. The heat was penetrating, and the
night was longer than you thought it could be.
Twice. And off he went without a fight or

final gasp of light as morning broke at
dawn on sunday. Disappear, because the
day indeed is straying farther from the
mean. The reins are slack on sunshine's horses:
You are conflagrating but remain the same.


Alcaeus fragment 34a (Castor and Pollux)

Come to me, from Pelops' isle departing,
brave and steadfast children of Zeus and Leda;
show yourselves with generous, kindly spirits,
     Castor and Pollux,

who across the broad and expansive earth and
all the sea on swift-footed horses fly and
rescue humans easily from the frigid
    coldness of dying,

vaulting up the heights of the well-benched ship's masts
glowing far, ascending the forestays in the
dismal nighttime, bearing the blazing fire for
    shadowy vessels.