Isn’t it erotic to be kissed?
Head-to-toe devoured by her lips?
  You would agree with
    me, if you experienced the bliss

tenderly delivered by her sweet
fountain of a mouth. And ivory teeth
  leave an impression
    deeply in my memory of each

girl who ever bit me in the chest,
left me to the torments of unrest:
  sweating the details,
    I’ve become a criminal of flesh.

She is my accomplice. The rewards
aren’t disappointing if she waits
  patiently for the
    gathering eruption from the clouds

Darkening above us as we lie
restlessly competing in a game,
  neither of us cares
    all that much to win, so long as pain

wrecks the possibility of play.
I don’t have the time for the display
  of all the peacock
    feathers that impress in their array.

Finish with your pretense and enough
going through the motions to be loved.
  Nobody said that
    falling in and out would not be rough.

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